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Authors: Deißenböck, Florian
Hummel, Benjamin
Juergens, Elmar
Schätz, Bernhard
Wagner, Stefan
Girard, Jean-François
Teuchert, Stefan
Title: Clone detection in automotive model-based development
Issue Date: 2008 Konferenzbeitrag International Conference on Software Engineering (30th 2008, Leipzig) ICSE '08: Proceedings of the 30th international conference on Software engineering, May 2008. New York, NY : ACM, 2008. - ISBN 978-1-60558-079-1, S. 603-612
ISBN: 978-1-60558-079-1
Abstract: Model-based development is becoming an increasingly common development methodology. In important domains like embedded systems already major parts of the code are generated from models specified with domain-specific modelling languages. Hence, such models are nowadays an integral part of the software development and maintenance process and therefore have a major economic and strategic value for the software-developing organisations. Nevertheless almost no work has been done on a quality defect that is known to seriously hamper maintenance productivity in classic code-based development: Cloning. This paper presents an approach for the automatic detection of clones in large models as they are used in model-based development of control systems. The approach is based on graph theory and hence can be applied to most graphical data-flow languages. An industrial case study demonstrates the applicability of our approach for the detection of clones in Matlab/Simulink models that are widely used in model-based development of embedded systems in the automotive domain.
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