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Authors: Sprechmann, Peter
Astorga, Allan
Calvo, Claudio
Fernández, Alberto
Title: Stratigraphic chart of the sedimentary basins of Costa Rica, Central America
Issue Date: 1994 Buchbeitrag 427-433 Seyfried, Hartmut (Hrsg.): Geology of an evolving island arc : the Isthmus of Southern Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Western Panamá. Stuttgart : Institut für Geologie und Paläontologie, Universität Stuttgart, 1994 (Profil 7), S. 427-433
ISSN: 0941-0414
Abstract: Costa Rican sedimentary rocks deposited since the Campanian are subdivided into supergroups, groups, subgroups, and formations. The Curime, Boruca and Cerece supergroups are unconformity-bounded units. The preexisting number of formations is considerably reduced. The remaining rock units described in this paper are defined by their depositional environment, using differential sedimentologic criteria. The use of sequence stratigraphic terminology is discussed.
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