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Authors: Scheifele, Daniel
Lens, Hendrik
Title: Analysis of transient stability of generator groups in the future power system
Issue Date: 2022 Konferenzbeitrag Wind & Solar Integration Workshop (21st, 2022, Den Haag) 6
URI: This paper was presented at the 21st Wind & Solar Integration Workshop (2022) and published in the workshop’s proceedings
Abstract: Transient stability is an essential property of electrical power systems. It describes the ability of the system to maintain synchronous operation of all generators. Classically, transient stability of individual generators is analyzed based on possible loss of synchronism after near short-circuit faults. In contrast, this paper considers transient stability of generator groups as a potential instability phenomenon in future grid scenarios. We investigate and analyze relevant factors of influence and countermeasures and modeling aspects to consider when studying the phenomenon. Based thereon we discuss the effectiveness of possible countermeasures. The main focus of this paper is to provide a better understanding of the underlying dependencies within the power system and their impact on the stability itself.
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