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Authors: Becker, Gerd
Schmidt, Helmut
Uhl, Gudrun
Uhl, Werner
Title: Tris(trimethylsilyl)phosphine and lithium bis(trimethylsilyl)phosphide · bis-(tetrahydrofuran)
Issue Date: 1990 Zeitschriftenartikel Inorganic synthesis 27 (1990), S. 243-249
Abstract: Tris(trimethylsilyl)phosphine and its more reactive derivative lithium bis(trimethylsilyl)phosphide·2tetrahydrofuran are very useful reagents for the preparation of compounds with a single or a multiple element phosphorus bond. They react readily with various element halides, with carboxylic acid chlorides, and with carboxylic esters, as well as with other organic electrophiles via a substitution of lithium and/or a cleavage of the weak polar Si-P bonds.
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