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Authors: Orozco, Luis
Svatoš-Ražnjević, Hana
Wagner, Hans Jakob
Abdelaal, Moataz
Amtsberg, Felix
Weiskopf, Daniel
Menges, Achim
Title: Advanced timber construction industry : a quantitative review of 646 global design and construction stakeholders
Issue Date: 2023 Zeitschriftenartikel 29 Buildings 13 (2023), No. 2287
ISSN: 2075-5309
Abstract: There has been a multi-storey timber construction boom since the start of the millennium. While there is now a body of research on trends, benefits, and disadvantages of timber construction, there is not yet literature on the wider market or the impact of stakeholders on it. This research investigates the (i) architects, (ii) engineers, and (iii) manufacturers involved in the realization of 300 contemporary multi-storey timber buildings from an existing survey. The analysis is based on data sourced from stakeholder websites and the building survey. It evaluates the perceived level of timber expertise of stakeholders based on service categorization and stakeholder type and relates them to the buildings they worked on. The research uses quantitative methods to answer qualitative questions on the connection between architectural variety in timber construction and the stakeholders involved. Interconnectivity between stakeholders and projects is visualized in an interactive network graph. The study shows a segmented mass timber market with relatively few impactful design and construction stakeholders, mostly located in central and northern Europe. It also identifies fabricators as the largest group of innovators advancing the industry and enabling the construction of more complex projects. It reveals the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing for the industry’s growth.
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