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Authors: Kreher, Tina
Jäger, Patrick
Heim, Fabian
Birke, Kai Peter
Title: Investigating the production atmosphere for sulfide-based electrolyte layers regarding occupational health and safety
Issue Date: 2023 Zeitschriftenartikel 20 Batteries 9 (2023), No. 472
ISSN: 2313-0105
Abstract: In all-solid-state battery (ASSB) research, the importance of sulfide electrolytes is steadily increasing. However, several challenges arise concerning the future mass production of this class of electrolytes. Among others, the high reactivity with atmospheric moisture forming toxic and corrosive hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a major issue. On a production scale, excessive exposure to H2S leads to serious damage of production workers’ health, so additional occupational health and safety measures are required. This paper investigates the environmental conditions for the commercial fabrication of slurry-based sulfide solid electrolyte layers made of Li3PS4 (LPS) and Li10GeP2S12 (LGPS) for ASSBs. First, the identification of sequential production steps and processing stages in electrolyte layer production is carried out. An experimental setup is used to determine the H2S release of intermediates under different atmospheric conditions in the production chain, representative for the production steps. The H2S release rates obtained on a laboratory scale are then scaled up to mass production dimensions and compared to occupational health and safety limits for protection against H2S. It is shown that, under the assumptions made for the production of a slurry-based electrolyte layer with LPS or LGPS, a dry room with a dew point of = - 40 C and an air exchange rate of AER = 30 1h is sufficient to protect production workers from health hazards caused by H2S. However, the synthesis of electrolytes requires an inert gas atmosphere, as the H2S release rates are much higher compared to layer production.
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