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Authors: Syring, Constanze
Title: Development and characterization of an inertial electrostatic confinement device for space propulsion applications
Issue Date: 2023 Dissertation x, 94
Abstract: Future space missions need new technologies that enable scientific revolution and competitiveness on the commercial market. One of the technologies continuously improving and gaining more and more impact on new satellite platform developments are electric space propulsion systems. The adaptation and implementation of Inertial Electrostatic Confinement (IEC) fusion devices to space propulsion applications would allow for new mission scenarios and cutting-edge products. The classification according to the Technology Readiness Level (TRL, ECSS Standard) gives the programmatic agenda that is necessary to reach the preliminary product level. Derived from that the technical verification agenda is depicted and completed up to TRL3. Results and evaluation of tests and simulations are concluded for an electric space propulsion thruster.
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