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Authors: Ožbolt, Joško
Lacković, Luka
Ruta, Daniela
Title: Impact analysis of thermally pre-damaged reinforced concrete frames
Issue Date: 2020 Zeitschriftenartikel 20 Materials 13 (2020), No. 5349
ISSN: 1996-1944
Abstract: In the present study, the influence of thermally induced damage of reinforced concrete (RC) frames on their static and dynamic response is experimentally and numerically investigated. In the experimental test, the RC frame is first pre-damaged through fire exposure and then loaded from the side with the impact of a steel pendulum. To verify the recently developed coupled thermo-mechanical model for concrete, transient 3D FE simulation is carried out. The rate and temperature-dependent microplane model is used as a constitutive law for concrete. It is first shown that the simulation is able to realistically replicate the experimental test. Subsequently, the numerical parametric study is performed where the dynamic and static response of RC frame is simulated for both hot and cold states. It is shown that the pre-damage of RC frame through fire exposure significantly reduces the resistance and changes the response. Finally, it is demonstrated that for the impact load the rate sensitive constitutive law of concrete significantly contributes to the response of RC frame.
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