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Authors: Storchak, Michael
Stehle, Thomas
Möhring, Hans-Christian
Title: Numerical modeling of cutting characteristics during short hole drilling : part 2 - modeling of thermal characteristics
Issue Date: 2024 Zeitschriftenartikel 23 Journal of manufacturing and materials processing 8 (2024), No. 13
ISSN: 2504-4494
Abstract: The modeling of machining process characteristics and, in particular, of various cutting processes occupies a significant part of modern research. Determining the thermal characteristics in short hole drilling processes by numerical simulation is the object of the present study. For different contact conditions of the workpiece with the drill cutting inserts, the thermal properties of the machined material were determined. The above-mentioned properties and parameters of the model components were established using a three-dimensional finite element model of orthogonal cutting. Determination of the generalized values of the machined material thermal properties was performed by finding the set intersection of individual properties values using a previously developed software algorithm. A comparison of experimental and simulated values of cutting temperature in the workpiece points located at different distances from the drilled hole surface and on the lateral clearance face of the drill outer cutting insert shows the validity of the developed numerical model for drilling short holes. The difference between simulated and measured temperature values did not exceed 22.4% in the whole range of the studied cutting modes.
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