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Authors: Percillier, Michael
Schauwecker, Yela
Title: Cognitive mechanisms driving (contact-induced) language change : introduction to the special issue
Issue Date: 2024 Zeitschriftenartikel 109-113 Linguistics vanguard 10 (2024), S. 109-113
ISSN: 2199-174X
Abstract: This special issue focuses on the interaction of the disciplines of historical linguistics and psycholinguistics to obtain new insights into which cognitive factors are potentially relevant for language change. The contributions address questions related to the cognitive mechanisms at play, their evidence in historical data, who the agents of change may be, which experimental methods can be implemented to investigate language change, and how language change can be theoretically modeled in terms of cognitive mechanisms. In this introductory article, we first outline our aims by describing the call for papers and the workshop which laid the foundation for this special issue. We then provide a state of the art on the integration of research on cognitive mechanisms and language change before introducing the contributions and listing which of the central questions they address.
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