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Authors: Bista, Pravash
Ratschow, Aaron D.
Stetten, Amy Z.
Butt, Hans-Jürgen
Weber, Stefan A. L.
Title: Surface charge density and induced currents by self-charging sliding drops
Issue Date: 2024 Zeitschriftenartikel 5045-5052 Soft matter 20 (2024), S. 5045-5052
ISSN: 1744-6848
Abstract: Spontaneous charge separation in drops sliding over a hydrophobized insulator surface is a well-known phenomenon and lots of efforts have been made to utilize this effect for energy harvesting. For maximizing the efficiency of such devices, a comprehensive understanding of the dewetted surface charge would be required to quantitatively predict the electric current signals, in particular for drop sequences. Here, we use a method based on mirror charge detection to locally measure the surface charge density after drops move over a hydrophobic surface. For this purpose, we position a metal electrode beneath the hydrophobic substrate to measure the capacitive current induced by the moving drop. Furthermore, we investigate drop-induced charging on different dielectric surfaces together with the surface neutralization processes. The surface neutralizes over a characteristic time, which is influenced by the substrate and the surrounding environment. We present an analytical model that describes the slide electrification using measurable parameters such as the surface charge density and its neutralization time. Understanding the model parameters and refining them will enable a targeted optimization of the efficiency in solid–liquid charge separation.
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