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Authors: Stock, Adrian
Stock, Oliver
Mönch, Julia
Suren, Markus
Koch, Nadine Nicole
Rey, Günter Daniel
Wirzberger, Maria
Title: BeeLife : a mobile application to foster environmental awareness in classroom settings
Issue Date: 2024 Zeitschriftenartikel 14 Frontiers in computer science 5 (2024), No. 1298888
ISSN: 2624-9898
Abstract: Introduction: Significant threats to our environment tremendously affect biodiversity and related gains. Particularly wild bees actively contribute by pollinating plants and trees. Their increasing extinction comes with devastating consequences for nutrition and stability of our ecosystem. However, most people lack awareness about those species and their living conditions, preventing them to take on responsibility. Methods: We introduce an intervention consisting of a mobile app and related project workshops that foster responsibility already at an early stage in life. Drawing on principles from multimedia learning and child-centered design, six gamified levels and accompanying nature-based activities sensitize for the importance of wild bees and their role for a stable and diverse ecosystem. A pilot evaluation across three schools, involving 44 children aged between 9 and 12, included a pre-, post-, and delayed post-test to inspect app usability and learning gains. Results: Most children perceived the app as intuitive, engaging, and visually appealing, and sustainably benefited from our intervention in terms of retention performance. Teacher interviews following the intervention support the fit with the envisioned target group and the classroom setting. Discussion: Taken together, the obtained evidence emphasizes the benefits of our intervention, even though our sample size was limited due to dropouts. Future extensions might include adaptive instructional design elements to increase observable learning gains.
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