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Authors: Eigenberger, Gerhart
Nieken, Ulrich
Title: Catalytic combustion with periodic flow reversal
Issue Date: 1988 Zeitschriftenartikel Chemical Engineering Science 43 (1988), S. 2109-2115
Abstract: Operation of fixed-bed reactors with periodic flow reversal as proposed and demonstrated by Matros and co-workers is a novel mode of operation for weakly exothermic or equilibrium limited reactions. In the present paper catalytic combustion in monolith type catalysts is considered. The influence of the operating parameters upon the shape of the temperature profiles in the stationary state als well as the stability of the ignited state are studied by model calculations. The advantages of inert front- and end sections and of hot gas withdrawal from the centre of the reactor are discussed. Experimental results for the catalytic combustion of traces of methane and propene in air show general agreement with the simulations.
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