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Authors: Eckert, Reiner
Dunina-Barkovskaja, Antonina
Hülser, Dieter F.
Title: Biophysical characterization of gap-junction channels in HeLa cells
Issue Date: 1993 Zeitschriftenartikel Pflügers Archiv 424 (1993), S. 335-342. URL
Abstract: HeLa cells seem not to be junctionally coupled when probed with techniques such as Lucifer yellow spreading and/or ionic coupling measured with three inserted microelectrodes. When investigated with double whole-cell patch-clamp measurements, HeLa cells in monolayer cultures were electrically coupled in 39% of the cases with very low transjunctional conductances (average one to five open channels). These gapjunction channels had a single-channel conductance γ=26±6 pS and were voltage-gated with an equivalent gating charge ζ=3.1±1.5 for a voltage of half-maximal inactivation Uo=49±10 mV. The voltage-dependent component represents only 31±8% of the total junctional conductance. The voltage-insensitive conductance is characterized by a residual open probability po(∞)=0.34±0.12, which corresponds to a ratio Gmin/Gmax=0.50±0.12. Dissociation of monolayer cells into cell pairs yielded about 58% coupled cell pairs with no notably altered single-channel properties.
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