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Authors: Strubel, Volker
Rast, Hans G.
Fietz, Walter H.
Knackmuss, Hans-Joachim
Engesser, Karl-Heinrich
Title: Enrichment of dibenzofuran utilizing bacteria with high co-metabolic potential towards dibenzodioxin and other anellated aromatics
Issue Date: 1989 Zeitschriftenartikel FEMS microbiology letters 58 (1989), S. 233-238. URL
Abstract: Dibenzofuran degrading bacteria were enriched from various environmental sources. A mutualistic mixed culture of strain DPO 220 and strain DPO 230 was characterized. Strain DPO 220 alone showed limited growth with dibenzofuran as sole source of carbon and energy (td ≥ 4.5 h). A labile degradation product, C12H10O5, and salicylate were isolated from the culture fluid. Salicylate was found to be a central intermediate of DBF-degradation.Strain DPO 220 co-metabolized a wide range of anellated aromatics as well as heteroaromatics. High rates of co-oxidation of dibenzodioxin demonstrate analogue-enrichment to be a powerful technique for selecting enzymatic activities for otherwise non-degradable substrates.
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