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Authors: Biegert, Uwe
Title: Using qualitative models for safety analysis of industrial automation systems
Issue Date: 2000 Konferenzbeitrag ICSSEA 2000 - 13th Conference on Software & Systems Engineering and their Applications, Paris, 5.-8. Dezember 2000
Abstract: Nowadays software enables to control more complex processes, but at the same time it is also responsible for the welfare of humans and environment. A failure in a software program can influence the technical process with unforeseeable consequences. Generally the safety of a computer-controlled system depends on a complex interaction between technical process, controller software and human task. Classic methods for safety analysis mostly are specialized to consider one part of the system and the analysis is a brainstorming procedure. In this paper a model-based approach for safety analysis is discussed. All parts of the computer controlled systems are first described with the help of a qualitative modeling. Then the different qualitative models are combined to a unique model of a computer-controlled system. Based on this model a computer supported safety analysis can be realized. The model enables the analysis of the interaction between the system parts even by considering any multiple failure.
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