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Authors: Coschurba, Peter
Rothermel, Kurt
Title: A fine-grained addressing concept for GeoCast
Issue Date: 2001 Arbeitspapier
Series/Report no.: Technischer Bericht / Universität Stuttgart, Fakultät Informatik, Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik;2001,5
Abstract: GeoCast provides the functionality of sending messages to everyone in a specific area. So far, only the addressing of larger two-dimensional areas was possible. For the use in an urban environment it is crucial that small and three-dimensional areas can be addressed. For example, GeoCast can then be used to send lecture notes to all in a classroom. In this paper we describe a fine-grained addressing concept for GeoCast that supports such areas. In addition we present an architecture that allows the use of that addressing concept together with the GeoRouting-approach developed by Navas and Imielinski. We also present some modifications necessary to enhance the scalability of GeoCast.
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