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Authors: Atali, Hossam el
Title: Simulation of realistic defects for validating test- and diagnosis-algorithms
Issue Date: 2011 Studienarbeit
Abstract: Testing and diagnosis are very important in the manufacture of Integrated Circuits (ICs) due to the decrease in technology size. Diagnosis aims to detect and localize faults and obtain information about them and many diagnosis algorithms exist for that purpose. These diagnosis algorithms, however, apply heuristics and therefore must be evaluated with realistic test cases to determine their efficiency. The goal of this thesis is to obtain a realistic set of bridging faults to inject for evaluation of the diagnosis algorithm presented by Holst in the ADAMA tool. To achieve this, the multi-node inductive fault analysis algorithm presented by Zachariah and Chakravarty was implemented. Multi-node bridging fault lists were obtained and passed to ADAMA for diagnosis. Simulations were run on several circuits and the results of the inductive fault analysis were compared to those obtained from random fault generation.
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