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Authors: Flaig, Albert
Hertl, Daniel
Krüger, Florian
Title: Evaluation von Java-Profiler-Werkzeugen
Other Titles: Evaluation of Java profiling tools
Issue Date: 2013 Studienarbeit
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to evaluate Java profilers and compare them with each other. As profilers differ in various aspects the evaluation has to cover many functional and non-functional scopes like the user interface and license properties, states of development, range of support, and the given underlying conditions. Choosing the right profiler is not an easy task as there is a wide variety each with their own pros and cons. This study aids in decision making by providing a comparison and enabling the user to easily weight up each individual aspect to ones personal needs. Through this study we try to publish a detailed comparison of current profilers as well as a personal recommendation based on objective, well-defined criteria. In this context different kinds of profilers - commercial as well as open source - will be looked at in an attempt to find the best-fitting tool for specific usage scenarios. In order to achieve accurate results each profiler is tested with a similar set of examinees. As a result a table based ranking will be established by the help of the perceived results. The result of this analysis can further be used to choose one profiler out of the tested ones to perfectly fit to the user needs. Secondarily it also provides a detailed overview of current profilers and its functional scopes.
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