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Authors: Sun, Mengjie
Title: Risk assessment-based decision support for the migration of application to the cloud
Issue Date: 2014 Abschlussarbeit (Diplom)
Abstract: Cloud computing is described by NIST as a model for enabling network access to a shared pool of computing resources that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction. With the advantages such as flexibility, scalability and expenditure reduction, cloud computing attract many enterprises to begin to consider the migration of applications into Cloud. However, open issues like cloud reliability, economic requirements, performance goals, compliance enforcement and information safety should be certainly taken into account. In this thesis we focus on identifying and classifying risks with different migration types according to the template defined by IRM, developing a migration support system that supports stakeholders to make decisions before migration applications to the Cloud, implementing the system logic as a set of Web service, and evaluating the system.
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