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Authors: Shao, Bing
Title: Realizing a decision support system for different deployment automation approaches
Issue Date: 2014 Abschlussarbeit (Diplom)
Abstract: In recent years more and more IT enterprises use Cloud computing to deliver their services. To deploy services on the Cloud, there are different Deployment Automation Approaches (DAA) available, e.g. PaaS- and IaaS-based DAA. It's must be ensured, a particular service is deployable using a certain DAA, which means the deployment requirements of the service are fulfilled by the DAA. There are plenty of particular DAAs on the market. Some of them have different but similar features. Therefore a appropriate choice will be a key issue for the deployment. This thesis proposes a Decision Support System for different Deployment Automation Approaches (DSS4DAA). Based on the research in the features of different DAAs, we design and implement the basic rule for the decision support system. Its components are reusable and deployable for the future work.
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