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Authors: Miller, Alexander
Lekar, Dominik
Title: Evaluation of analysis and visualization tools for performance data
Issue Date: 2014 Studienarbeit
Abstract: Observing and improving the performance of an application is an important task, since it will enhance the user experience and lower the running costs. Instead of doing this task each time manually, the market offers a wide choice of tools which allow the user to analyse and visualize performance data automatically. The purpose of this study is to evaluate such tools and compare them with each other. As these tools differ in various aspects, the evaluation has to cover both technical and nominal criteria such as supported databases and operating systems, license properties, states of development, range of support, and the given underlying conditions. Additionally each tool will be tested for its capability in recreating report examples, provided by Capgemini Deutschland GmbH. This study aids in decision making by providing a comparison and helps the user to weigh up each individual aspect to one's personal needs. Through this study we try to publish a detailed comparison of current tools as well as a final recommendation based on our personal experience.
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