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Authors: Abdulkhaleq, Asim
Wagner, Stefan
Title: Open tool support for System-Theoretic Process Analysis
Issue Date: 2014 Konferenzbeitrag 2014 STAMP Workshop, MIT, Boston, USA
Abstract: STPA (Systems-Theoretic Process Analysis) is a new hazard analysis technique which has been developed by Leveson based on the concept of systems and control theory. In this paper, we present a A-STPA tool as an appropriate tool which transforms STPA to executable STPA that automates the activities of STPA. The A-STPA tool is being developed to assist safety analysts in performing STPA. Moreover, the developing of such tool based on STPA will help safety analysts to have more various sights about STPA hazard analysis process. The design of the tool is discussed, and the usage of the tool is illustrated.
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