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Authors: Speidel, Joachim
Title: Trends in picture communication
Issue Date: 1993 Konferenzbeitrag Kaiser, Wolfgang (Hrsg.): Vision 2000 : the evolution of information and communication technology for the information society; proceedings of the eighth German Japanese Symposium on Information Society held in Munich, October 12-13, 1992. München : Münchner Kreis, ca. 1992, S. 104-120
Abstract: In the past years significant progress was made with digital transmission of audiovisual services and most interesting trends are visible for the future. Such applications encompass interactive services, like videoconferencing, ISDN-videophone, storage of moving video and audio in computers or on CD, e.g. for multimedia applications. For distribution services, there is an unbroken trend from TV to HDTV. Strong emphasis is on compressed digital video even for transmission to the home.
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