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Autor(en): Schmidt, Hannelore
Seyfried, Hartmut
Titel: Depositional sequences and sequence boundaries in fore-arc coastal embay­ments : case histories from Central America
Erscheinungsdatum: 1991
Dokumentart: Buchbeitrag
Erschienen in: Macdonald, David I. M (Hrsg.): Sedimentation, tectonics and eustasy : Sea-level changes at active plate margins. Oxford : Blackwell Scientific Publ., 1991 (Special publication of the International Association of Sedimentologists, 12), S. 241-258
Zusammenfassung: From Oligocene to Recent times a series of tectonically controlled coastal embayments formed on the Pacific fore-arc side of the southern Central American island-arc system. Each of these basins shows characteristic stratal geometries and facies distributions reflecting the complex interaction of changes of sea level, volcaniclastic input, and tectonic activity (subsidence, uplift). Sequential stratigraphic correlations based on sequence analysis and discontinuity surfaces indicate that eustatic sea-level changes control architecture, geometry, and facies distribution of depositional sequences at the level of second-order cycles. Owing to the particular tectonic position, complete sets of systems tracts are seldom developed. Voluminous sediment supply, especially during episodes of strong volcanic activity, may overcompensate transgressions. Strong uplift may annihilate any sedimentary documentation or reduce sequences to a strongly condensed package with random preservation of estuarine or deltaic facies. The bounding uncomformities (sequence boundaries) are traceable on a regional scale and are related at the level of second-order sequence boundaries to tectonic events that repeatedly affected the island arc during the episode in question.
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