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Authors: Schlipf, David
Kapp, Stefan
Anger, Jan
Bischoff, Oliver
Hofsäß, Martin
Rettenmeier, Andreas
Kühn, Martin
Title: Prospects of optimization of energy production by LIDAR assisted control of wind turbines
Issue Date: 2011 Konferenzbeitrag EWEA 2011 conference proceedings, 14-17 March 2011, Brussels, Belgium
Abstract: In the presented work two approaches to increase the energy production of wind turbines are studied assuming the usage of a wind speed measurement provided by a nacelle based LIDAR system: The first approach uses the knowledge of the incoming wind speed to assist variable speed control. The second approach uses the wind direction information measured by a LIDAR system for yaw control. From this first analysis only marginal benefit can be gained by the LIDAR assisted speed control, but an increase of energy production by a couple of percent can be expected by LIDAR assisted yaw control.
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