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Authors: Rettenmeier, Andreas
Schlipf, David
Wächter, Matthias
Käsler, Yvonne
Mellinghoff, Harald
Siegmeier, Björn
Reeder, Lennard
Kühn, Martin
Title: Lidar technology for the German offshore test site "alpha ventus" - joint project in measurement development
Issue Date: 2008 Konferenzbeitrag Proceedings of the 9th German Wind Energy Conference DEWEK 2008, 26th to 27th November, Bremen, Germany
Abstract: This paper describes the content of the joint research project "Development of LiDAR measurement techniques for the German offshore test site" and its first results. The objective is to develop reliable and standardised remote sensing techniques for various new applications in the wind energy community and to support other RAVE1 projects at the German offshore test site "alpha ventus". The first measurement campaign dealt with the comparison of wind parameters measured by common anemometry in a height of up to 103 m and LiDAR data measured up to 220 m height. The first results show very good agreement when the two techniques are compared as to wind speed, wind direction and power curve determination at a 5 MW wind turbine. The status of the development of a wind field scanner for nacelle-based LiDAR measurements is described and an outlook to the forthcoming work is given.
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