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Authors: Schlipf, David
Bischoff, Oliver
Hofsäß, Martin
Rettenmeier, Andreas
Trujillo, Juan José
Kühn, Martin
Title: Lidars and wind turbine control
Issue Date: 2010 Buchbeitrag Pena, Alfredo (ed.) ; Hasager, Charlotte C. (ed.): Remote sensing for wind energy. Roskilde : Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy, Technical University of Denmark, Roskilde, Denmark, 2010 (Risø-I-3068(EN)), S. 137-146
Abstract: Reducing mechanical loads caused by atmospheric turbulence and energy optimization in the presence of varying wind are the key issue for wind turbine control. In terms of control theory changes in the inflowing wind field as gusts, varying shears and directional changes represent unknown disturbances. However, conventional feedback controllers can compensate such excitations only with a delay since the disturbance has to be detected by its effects to the turbine. This usually results in undesired loads and energy losses of wind turbines. From the control theory point of view disturbance rejection can be improved by a feedforward control if the disturbance is known. Not fully covered by theory, but used in practice is the further advantage of knowing the disturbance in the future, e.g. in chassis suspension or in daily life when vision is used to circumnavigate obstacles with a bicycle. In a similar way wind field measurements with remote sensing technologies such as Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) might pave the way for predictive wind turbine control strategies aiming to increase energy yield and reduce excessive loads on turbine components. Remote sensing offers wind speed tracking at various points in space and time in advance of reaching the turbine and before hitting sensors at the blades or nacelle. This provides the control and safety system with sufficient reaction and processing time.
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