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Authors: Beyer, Friedemann
Choisnet, Thomas
Kretschmer, Matthias
Cheng, Po Wen
Title: Coupled MBS-CFD simulation of the IDEOL floating offshore wind turbine foundation compared to wave tank model test data
Issue Date: 2015 Konferenzbeitrag Proceedings of the Twenty-fifth (2015) International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference : Kona, Big Island, Hawaii, USA, June 21-26, 2015. ISOPE, 2015. - ISBN 978-1-880653-89-0, S. 367-374
URI: Copyright © 2015 by the International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (ISOPE)
Abstract: A two MW floating offshore wind turbine is currently developed within the EU-FP7 project FLOATGEN. A wave tank test of the floater model at 1/32th scale has been performed in extreme wave conditions. In the present study numerical calculations of the floating foundation with regular waves using coupled MBS-CFD methods are compared to experimental data enabling a validation. Results of the wave elevation, floater motion and mooring line tension show a very good correlation. Flow phenomena like vortex shedding at the hull of the floater are shown. The presented methodology provides detailed knowledge allowing analysis of wave impact and resulting load assessment of floating offshore structures.
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