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Authors: Heisel, Uwe
Matten, Nicholas
Rothmund, Johannes
Title: Study on mechanical and hydraulic noise in vane pumps
Issue Date: 1991 Buchbeitrag Pieczonka, Kazimierz (Hrsg.): Problems in design and operation of heavy duty machines and vehicles. Wroclaw : Wydawn. Politech., 1991 (Prace naukowe Instytutu Konstrukcji i Eksploatacji Maszyn Politechniki Wroclawskiej 62, Seria Wspólpraca 4), S. 73-85
Abstract: The problem of mechanical and hydraulic noise in vane pumps has been presented. A separation of vanes from a cam ring turned out to be responsible for the mechanical noise. This phenomenon ha s been observed by means of an ultra-speed camera. Suggestions how to lower this kind of noise have been given. In turn, pressure variation both in displacing chambers and discharge side of a pump is regarded to be a main reason of hydr aulic noise. The methods of pressure pulsation measurement and noise emission due to pressure pulsation have also been discussed.
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