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Authors: Heisel, Uwe
Tröger, Johannes
Title: Production of structured thin wooden chips by milling with small cutting angles
Issue Date: 1994 Zeitschriftenartikel Production Engineering 2 (1994), Nr. 1, S. 61-64
Abstract: Thin wooden chips can be used in a wide range, primarily to produce ecological positive materials to substitute plastics and mineral wool for the use of thermal isolation and packaging materials. There are wide resources of wood and it can be wasted ecologically. Additionally, the production of wooden chips for the above mentioned purposes has clear advantages regarding the expenditure of energy. With existing machining methods for the production of wooden cutting chips, only a chip thickness of more than .25 mm can be realized. Bya new machining method with small tool rake angles, proper extremely thin and folded (structured) chips can be generated. The research emphasis is to study the parameters for generating these chips and their properties for thermal isolation and packaging purposes. First positive results show that this material can be the basis for a new wood material with an isolation property very closed to styrofoam (PS).
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