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Authors: Tiziani, Hans J.
Höller, Frank S.
Title: New light valve based in photoinduced space charge fields in BSO-crystals
Issue Date: 1987 Konferenzbeitrag International Topical Meeting on Image Detection and Quality : 16-18 July 1986, Paris, France. Paris : Assoc. Nat. de la Recherche Techn., 1987 (Proceedings / SPIE 702). - ISBN 2-900-19509-8, S. 303-306
Abstract: The combined photoelectric and electrooptic properties of the BSO-crystal lead to a new possibility of realizing a real time spatial light modulator. Under certain geometrical conditions the crystal becomes birefringent in dependence on the local illuminance. Together with a suitable polarizer setup the crystal works as well as an incoherent to coherent converter as for contrast inversion.
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