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Authors: Tiziani, Hans J.
Title: Fringe analysis in holography with BSO applications
Issue Date: 1988 Konferenzbeitrag Smigielski, Paul (Hrsg.): Data processing and interpretation in holography : proceedings; 2nd Franco-German Congress on Applications of Holography; November 24-25, 1988, Saint-Louis, France. Saint-Louis, 1988, S. 79-93
Abstract: Progress has been made in the fringe analysing procedures. At last interferometry, holography and speckle techniques are more frequently applied in industry and become a powerful tool for engineering applications. The methods will be even more frequently applied in industry, when they can be applied in real time. In speckle interferometry the speckle size can be adapted to the photoelectric detector. In nondestructive testing with holographic or speckle techniques, in addition to the automatic fringe analysis the computation of the corresponding deformation and strain needs to be further improved. Furthermore, real time storage materials, rugged and reliable lasers and holographic components are needed to make the holographic methods for nondestructive testing even more attractive for the industry.
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