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Authors: Tiziani, Hans J.
Title: High precision laser supported close range distance measurements
Issue Date: 1992 Konferenzbeitrag Linkwitz, Klaus (Hrsg.): High precision navigation 1991 : proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on High Precision Navigation, Stuttgart and Freudenstadt, Germany, November 1991. Bonn : Dümmler, 1992 (Dümmlerbuch 7841). - ISBN 3-427-78411-8, S. 193-204
Abstract: Optical methods become useful tools for dimensional measurements. Methods based on triangulation, time of flight, phase measurements and interferometry are used and will be further developed. Multiple wavelength interferometry allows the reduction of the sensitivity by a range extension leading to robust measuring systems. Superheterodyne interferometric techniques based on two wavelength heterodyne interferometry will also be discussed and experimental results will be shown.
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