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Authors: Fischer, Edgar
Sodnik, Zoran
Ittner, Thomas
Tiziani, Hans J.
Title: Dual wavelength heterodyne interferometry for rough surface measurements
Issue Date: 1990 Konferenzbeitrag Lanzl, F. (Hrsg.): Optics in complex systems : Proceedings of the 15th Congress of the International Commission for Optics. Bellingham, Wash. : SPIE, 1990 (Proceedings / SPIE 1319). - ISBN 0-8194-0380-6, S. 570-571
Abstract: For interferometric topography measurements of optically rough surfaces dual wavelength heterodyne Interferometry (DWHI) is a powerful tool. A DWHI system based on a two-wavelength HeNe laser and a matched grating technique is described. This set-up improves system stability and simple heterodyne frequency generation.
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