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Authors: Schiehlen, Werner
Title: Symbolic computations in multibody systems
Issue Date: 1994 Konferenzbeitrag Pereira, Manuel F. O. Seabra (Hrsg.): Computer aided analysis of rigid and flexible mechanical systems. Dordrecht : Kluwer, 1994 (NATO ASI series, E. 268). - ISBN 0-7923-2839-6, S. 101-136
Abstract: Symbolic formula manipulation has proven to be an efficient tool in the dynamical analysis of multibody systems. A multibody system data base is introduced and its implementation using a CAD-3D-software is shown. Starting from the data base the equations of motion are generated by a coordinate partitioning approach combined with the projection criterion. For the symbolical-numerical solution inverse kinematics algorithms are applied. The simulation results are visualized by computer animation. A four-bar mechanism and a crank-slider mechanism serve as examples. Two approaches for the dynamical analysis of flexible multibody systems are presented. Further, the optimization of multibody systems is treated using an actively controlled vehicle suspension as an example.
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