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Authors: Peterhänsel, Sandy
Pruss, Christof
Osten, Wolfgang
Title: Phase errors in high line density CGH used for aspheric testing : beyond scalar approximation
Issue Date: 2013 Zeitschriftenartikel Optics express 21 (2013), S. 11638-11651. URL
Abstract: One common way to measure asphere and freeform surfaces is the interferometric Null test, where a computer generated hologram (CGH) is placed in the object path of the interferometer. If undetected phase errors are present in the CGH, the measurement will show systematic errors. Therefore the absolute phase of this element has to be known. This phase is often calculated using scalar diffraction theory. In this paper we discuss the limitations of this theory for the prediction of the absolute phase generated by different implementations of CGH. Furthermore, for regions where scalar approximation is no longer valid, rigorous simulations are performed to identify phase sensitive structure parameters and evaluate fabrication tolerances for typical gratings.
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