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Authors: Kupke, Thomas
Peschke, U.
Carstanjen, Heinz-Dieter
Trebin, Hans-Rainer
Title: Feasibility of fast-particle channeling in quasicrystals
Issue Date: 1991 Zeitschriftenartikel Physical review, B 43 (1991), S. 13758-13761. URL
Abstract: The feasibility of ion channeling in quasicrystalline structures is investigated in a computer experiment. For this purpose, a quasilattice is constructed by the grid method. As this model crystal shows, in a quasicrystal also the lattice points are arranged in strings and planes and form pronounced axial and planar channels. Their occupation by lattice points is, however, not constant, but exhibits a wide density distribution in contrast to periodic crystals. Manganese atoms were placed at the lattice points and backscattering yield profiles of 750-keV He+ ions were obtained in a channeling computer simulation. Pronounced channeling minima are observed in the profiles for axial as well as planar channeling.
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