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Authors: Strohfeldt, Nikolai
Tittl, Andreas
Giessen, Harald
Title: Long-term stability of capped and buffered palladium-nickel thin films and nanostructures for plasmonic hydrogen sensing applications
Issue Date: 2013 Zeitschriftenartikel Optical materials express 3 (2013), S. 194-204. URL
Abstract: One of the main challenges in optical hydrogen sensing is the stability of the sensor material. We found and studied an optimized material combination for fast and reliable optical palladium-based hydrogen sensing devices. It consists of a palladium-nickel alloy that is buffered by calcium fluoride and capped with a very thin layer of platinum. Our system shows response times below 10 s and almost no short-term aging effects. Furthermore, we successfully incorporated this optimized material system into plasmonic nanostructures, laying the foundation for a stable and sensitive hydrogen detector.
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