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Treffer Dokumente:
2015Naming the pain in requirements engineering: a design for a global family of surveys and first results from GermanyMéndez Fernández, Daniel; Wagner, Stefan
2015Preventing incomplete/hidden requirements: reflections on survey data from Austria and BrazilKalinowski, Marcos; Felderer, Michael; Conte, Tayana; Spinola, Rodrigo; Prikladnicki, Rafael; Winkler, Dietmar; Méndez Fernández, Daniel; Wagner, Stefan
2015A case study on artefact-based RE improvement in practiceMéndez Fernández, Daniel; Wagner, Stefan
2015Does outside-in teaching improve the learning of object-oriented programming?Janke, Erica; Brune, Philipp; Wagner, Stefan
2015XSTAMPP: An eXtensible STAMP platform as tool support for safety engineeringAbdulkhaleq, Asim; Wagner, Stefan
2016At ease with your warnings: the principles of the salutogenesis model applied to automatic static analysisOstberg, Jan-Peter; Wagner, Stefan
2014The influence of personality on computer programming: a summary of a systematic literature reviewKarimi, Zahra; Wagner, Stefan
2016How are functionally similar code clones syntactically different? An empirical study and a benchmarkWagner, Stefan; Abdulkhaleq, Asim; Bogicevic, Ivan; Ostberg, Jan-Peter; Ramadani, Jasmin
2016On the relationship of inconsistent software clones and faults : an empirical studyWagner, Stefan; Abdulkhaleq, Asim; Kaya, Kamer; Paar, Alexander
2016Are suggestions of coupled file changes interesting?Ramadani, Jasmin; Wagner, Stefan