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Authors: Gubergric, M. Ja.
Linnik, A. B.
Paal'me, L. P.
Sabad, L. M.
Title: Untersuchung der Karzinogenität der Photooxidationsprodukte von Benzo(a)pyren
Issue Date: 1986 Verschiedenartige Texte Originaltext erschienen in: Voprosy onkologii 20 (1974), Nr. 1, S. 77-80
Abstract: The photodegradation products of benzo(a)pyrene (BP) were studied for their possible carcinogenicity. Oxidation of the BP-solutions was accomplished with SWD-120 lamp irradiation. 0,5 ml of the oil solution of the BP-degradation products (aquivalent to 2 mg BP) were injected into mice F1 (C57B1 x CBA). After a year period the mice were killed and a total number of tumors at the site of inoculation (different types of sacroma) was studied. The number of tumors correlated with the quantity of intact BP-products of BP-degradation seems to have no carcinogenic activity, thus BP-photodegradation is supposed to be a method for its decarcinogenization.
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