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Authors: Oeschger, Daniel Alexander
Title: Gestaltung einer Innovationsprozess-orientierten Arbeitsumgebung für die industrielle Forschung
Other Titles: Innovation process oriented design of work environments for industrial research
Issue Date: 2015 Dissertation
Series/Report no.: Schriftenreihe zu Arbeitswissenschaft und Technologiemanagement;23
ISBN: 978-3-8396-0885-2
Abstract: Die Arbeit stellt einen neuen Ansatz zur Gestaltung einer Arbeitsumgebung für die industrielle Forschung dar. Die Arbeitsumgebung orientiert sich hier am Innovationsprozess. Dieser Prozess, so stellt die wissenschaftliche Untersuchung dar, ist das zentrale Strukturierungselement der Forschungsorganisation. Der zweite Teil der Arbeit befasst sich mit der physischen Umsetzung des Konzepts.
The concept generated for the new working environment is geared to the innovation process. The concept defines offices zones applicable to the different phases and practices within the innovation process. “Line“ and “Idea zone” are developed for the fuzzy front end phase. They are conceived to serve the specialized tasks of competence oriented departments and to provide an inspiring and creative working environment. The “Project zone” is conceived for the matured innovation phase and focuses on the project teams using this zone for the entire period of their project. The fourth zone called “Communication zone” is conceived to facilitate the interaction and informal communication of the employees. All zones are composed of standard modules to allow systematic application of the concept and to facilitate its adjustment and optimization. By adjusting the different zones in relation to the innovation process, the working environment aims at increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the research activities. The new working environment developed in this thesis is intended to increase the output of the corporate research organization similar to research processes and information technologies.
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