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Authors: Ulrich, Karl
Port, Helmut
Wolf, Hans Christoph
Wonner, Johann
Effenberger, Franz
Ilge, Hans-Dieter
Title: Photochromic thiophenefulgides : photokinetics of two isopropyl derivatives
Issue Date: 1991 Zeitschriftenartikel Chemical Physics 154 (1991), S. 311-327. URL
Abstract: For two photochromic isopropyl-thiophenefulgides a complete photokinetic analysis is given. For one compound (5b), the partial quantum yield for the colouring process (ΦEC = 54%) is the highest value found for thiophenefulgides. EZ-isomerisations do not play an important role. The colouring quantum yield is temperature independent down to 20 K, whereas bleaching requires little thermal activation. In case of an adamantylidene substituted isopropyl-thiophenefulgide (5c), the bleaching efficiency (ΦCE = 31%) is very high. Upon heating of the cyclic products, thermal bleaching occurs with an activation energy of 1 eV.
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