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Authors: Dressel, Martin
Degiorgi, Leonardo E.
Grüner, George
Wachter, Peter
Sato, Noriaki
Komatsubara, Takemi
Uemura, Yasutomo
Title: Optical investigations of the electrodynamics of UPd2Al3
Issue Date: 1994 Zeitschriftenartikel Physica B 199/200 (1994), S. 173-175. URL
Abstract: We have investigated the electrodynamic response of UPd2Al3. At low temperatures, we observe the formation of a low-frequency narrow resonance, which indicates the development of the many-body coherent state. We do not find any evidence of a gap absorption associated to a spin density wave state below the antiferromagnetic phase transition at TN = 14 K, which would develop as a consequence of a Fermi surface instability.
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