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Authors: Degiorgi, Leonardo
Hunt, M. B.
Ott, Hans Rudolf
Dressel, Martin
Feenstra, Bokke Johannes
Grüner, George
Fisk, Zachary
Canfield, P.
Title: Optical evidence of Anderson-Mott localization in FeSi
Issue Date: 1994 Zeitschriftenartikel Europhysics Letters 28 (1994), S. 341-346
Abstract: We have investigated the electrodynamic response of single-crystalline FeSi over a frequency range from d.c. to 10 hoch 5 cm-1. At low frequencies, we found evidence for an Anderson-Mott localization behaviour of the low-temperature optical conductivity, while at high frequencies the excitation spectrum resembles that of a conventional semiconductor. The missing spectral weight below the gap energy is redistributed around the gap edge, in disagreement with previous claims based on optical measurements.
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