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Authors: Degiorgi, Leonardo
Ott, Hans Rudolf
Dressel, Martin
Grüner, George
Fisk, Zachary
Title: Optical probing of the antiferromagnetic phase transition in the heavy-electron compounds U2Zn17 and UCu5
Issue Date: 1994 Zeitschriftenartikel Europhysics Letters 26 (1994), S. 221-226
Abstract: We have investigated the complete electrodynamic response of the heavy-electron compounds U2Zn17 and UCu5. Particular emphasis has been devoted to the optical evidence of the antiferromagnetic phase transitions at 9.7 K and 15 K for U2Zn17 and UCu5, respectively. In UCu5, we found an absorption in the far infrared, which is ascribed to excitations across a spin-density-wave-type gap. This feature is absent in U2Zn17. We argue that UCu5 belongs to a characteristically different class of antiferromagnets than U2Zn17 which represents the class of heavy-electron compounds with localized magnetic moments.
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