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Authors: Strack, Thomas
Krause, Ulrich
Schulz, Gerhard
Beyer, Jürgen
Beutelspacher, Friedrich
Nagel, Joachim H.
Title: Development of individual insulin infusion profiles for open loop infusion systems
Issue Date: 1984 Zeitschriftenartikel Hormone and metabolic research 16 (1984), Nr. 4, S. 163-167. URL
Abstract: The computer program for the open loop infusion device simulated the feed-back structure of a closed loop insulin secretion control by an algorithm based upon a theoretical postprandial blood sugar profile. Fifteen unstable juvenile onset insulin requiring diabetics could be well controlled after two to three days of an intravenous open loop insulin infusion program. The programs consisted of two constant basal rates and superimposed wavy step profile programs activated at the beginning of each meal.The preabsorptive bolus or cephalic phase was an additional tool both for improved postprandial blood sugar control and further reduction of insulin consumption.The programmable insulin infusion device proved as a valuable tool for the study of a sophisticated insulin infusion profile suitable as well for open loop as for closed loop insulin infusion systems.
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