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Authors: Spath, Dieter
Title: Intelligent support mechanisms in adaptable human-computer interfaces
Issue Date: 1993 Zeitschriftenartikel CIRP Annals 42 (1993), S. 519-522
Abstract: Advanced production technology is not only characterized by higher automation of production flow and control, but more and more measured at the level of the ergonomics of man-machine interaction. Although much effort has been devoted to user fiiendly design and improved interface techniques, today's systems do not take into account their individual user's problems and tasks. One possible answer to this problem is the design of "cooperative", adaptable or adaptive user interfaces. The idea proposed is to adapt interface behavior (presentation and dialog control) on account of individual user differences or user problems, by reasoning about user intensions in situational work contexts. This paper presents the theory behind and an approach for design of adaptable/adaptive human-computer interfaces for software applications in the tield of production technology, exemplified by a shop floor technology planning tool.
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