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Authors: Schweitzer, Dieter
Hausser, Karl H.
Taglieber, Volker
Staab, Heinz A.
Title: Electronic properties of two isomeric charge transfer [2.2]paracyclophanes
Issue Date: 1976 Zeitschriftenartikel Chemical physics 14 (1976), S. 183-187. URL
Abstract: The emission spectra and the zero field splitting parameters of the two diastereomeric 4,7-dicyano-12,15-dimethoxy-[2.2] paracyclophanes 3 and 4 in comparison to the corresponding monomers 1 and 2 were investigated in order to study the orientation dependence of charge transfer (CT) interactions. The general results in glasses (PMMA) are: broad structureless emission bands with large spectral overlap between fluorescence and phosphorescence; strong reduction of the zero field splitting parameters D and D* by a factor of two for the pseudo-ortho isomer 3 and by a factor of four for the pseudo-geminal isomer 4 showing the strong effect of the geometrical orientation. In single crystals of the same phanes the zero field parameters were found to be further reduced to about one fifth of the value of the monomers which indicates, in accordance with the emission spectra, an additional intermolecular interaction between adjacent phanes.
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