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Authors: Endres, Helmut
Bongart, August
Nöthe, Dietrich
Hennig, Ingolf
Schweitzer, Dieter
Helberg, Hans W.
Schäfer, Herbert
Title: TCNQ salts of planar metal complex cations: novel molecular conductors and semiconductors
Issue Date: 1985 Zeitschriftenartikel Molecular crystals and liquid crystals 120 (1985), S. 365-368
Abstract: The facile variation of positive charge of oxamide oxime metal complexes, caused by acid-base equilibrium, allows the growth of single crystals of their TCNQ salts. 1:1 salts consist of reqular segregated stacks of the components, with metallic room temperature behaviour of the Ni compound, the Pt compound being a semiconductor. Room temperature conductivities are of the order of 10 Siemens per cm. A 2:3 Pt complex TCNQ salt contains segregated acceptor stacks with half a negative charge per molecule. These stacks run perpendicular to mixed stacks -D-D-A-D-D-A-, with integral charges on donors D and acceptors A.
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